Our Interview with the Founders of 42 Dubonnet

I’ve fallen in love with 42 Dubonnet! 

From the moment you learn about the founders, Ann & Lauren's passion for makeup, learn about their relationship, and how they created this alluring and mysterious speakeasy world, You too will fall in love.

Last year, while searching for PETA certified lipsticks to buy, I came across a beautifully designed & packaged lipstick by 42 Dubonnet via Instagram and YouTube influencers. Instantly, I fell in love with 42 Dubonnet! 

The product quality, the brand’s award-winning product packaging designs, to the details on the lip product names (which are all named after drinks that were popular during 1920's prohibition times), to the mysterious and alluring tone the brand exudes. I liked the brand so much I wanted to know more about the creators of 42 Dubonnet and share it with the HUG-ITS community. 

 Now, who are these women behind the brand?

42 Dubonnet was developed by a mother-daughter duo 2 years ago. The mother is Ann (on the right), and the daughter is Lauren (on the left). Both share a love for makeup from a young age. Ann’s passion for makeup and Lauren’s design experience in the beauty industry were a natural progression to creating 42 Dubonnet.


Brand: 42 Dubonnet at Speakeasy Cosmetics

Name: Ann (Mother of the duo), Founder of 42 Dubonnet.

Name: Lauren (Daughter of the duo) Founder of 42 Dubonnet.


Tell me about yourself & why beauty?

Ann: I am the Mom part of the mother-daughter makeup duo. I worked as a social worker, and when I retired, I moved to Florida. I was looking for something creative to do. In talking to Lauren, things came together to create 42 Dubonnet. It was quite a process, it took us about 1 year, but we got on board a couple of years ago and launched our products.

Lauren:  I’m the daughter in the mother-daughter makeup duo. I started in theatre doing hair/makeup & costume design in the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego and then worked in Juilliard in New York. While I was in San Diego, I started working in graphic design. Living in New York, I began designing beauty products for Victoria Secret, Avon, and Bliss. Then moved to Florida and started my brand & packaging design company Creme de Mint Design, focusing on beauty/cosmetic, and food/ beverage industry. 


As business partners, what have you learned about each other?

Ann: I always knew my daughter, Lauren, was creative, but through this process, I've learned that Lauren is a creative genius and a great photographer. Lauren is so good at photography; I think she even surprised herself.


Lauren: I always noticed my Mom was good at building relationships. In turn, it has benefited 42 Dubonnet in building great relationships with the beauty community. She knows all the details about people and builds close relationships with influencers. She enjoys building relationships and continues to develop relationships for our brand.


What does the number 42 represent?

Ann:  It’s the number part of the address of our imaginary speakeasy, that’s where we are located. Also, that was Lauren’s idea of course!

Lauren: Yeah, its the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything, 42. It’s simply a number that I like, and I imagined at the age of 42 years old, I imagined in mind this year our brand would take off.  We also love the sound of it; French words seem to do that. It has an allure and mystery feeling that makes you think, what is that?


What’s the connection with Joseph Dubonnet and 42 Dubonnet?

Ann: Joseph Dubonnet created the Dubonnet wine aperitif in 1846, so we just thought it was such a cool name, so different, and catchy 

Lauren: Dubonnet itself is a wine aperitif, really popular during the 1920s, people would put in cocktails drinks. That’s where the name comes from. We like the sound of it giving it a feeling of mystery, allure, and curiosity around it. Also, It sounds nice when you say it, and we wanted the brand to have that feeling. 


Customers love your storytelling. I have to ask, who is the writer of you two? The product names, blogs, and newsletter are brilliant, is it a joint effort?

Ann: (Smiling) it’s all Lauren, she’s the best!  Lauren is great at communicating the emotion behind her storytelling.

Lauren: Thank you, I don’t want to ignore the fact that we have other people helping us accomplish our goal with storytelling.


Tell me about your criteria when formulating new products, what are the key elements and must haves?

Ann: Performance is key. We look for quality ingredients that are going to be applied very smoothly to the skin in doing that we look for vitamins or other nutrients that will help in that application. For example, our lipsticks & lip glosses have vitamins E which is hydrating, long-lasting, and our lipstick is paraben free. 

Also, our mascara has both lecithin and keratin for lash conditioning. We look to those kinds of ingredients to enhance the effectiveness and application of the products. We concentrate on the application, nutrients, and work with manufacturers that do not test on animals.


What is your Favorite 42 Dubonnet lip product?

Ann: Our lipsticks are my go-to product. In February, we launched 2 new colors. Our new color, Cherry Bellini, is a dark cherry color, it's hydrating, so I don’t have to use a lip balm products to prevent the dryness. We started with 3 lip shades, we now have 7 shades and hope to have 10 by the end of the year.

Lauren: I love to wear our lip glosses every day, both the organic and regular lip gloss. I’m wearing Bootsy Collins lipstick, my new favorite lipstick.


What are 42 Dubonnet’s most significant accomplishments? 

Ann: Wow, we have so many to reflect on. One is the responses we get from our makeup artists on Instagram when we have customers that love our products that is the most significant accomplishment.

Lauren: Agree with my mom. A couple of other things is that we landed in a few magazines and the customers letting us know how much they love our products. When we hear that, it makes our day. 


What does the future for 42Dubonnet look like? 

Ann: We plan to have 10 lip shades by the end of 2019, and we would like to expand our audience so more people will know about us. 

Lauren: We want the brand to reach more people and get to know us. We are talking and have been approached by makeup artists & influencers to work with us, and we feel very lucky about that.


If there is one thing you want someone to remember about 42 Dubonnet, what would it be? 

Ann: Customer experience. We want our customers to have a great experience, from the time the customer opens the colorful packages, to appreciating the packaging, from and applying the product smoothly, we want the customer to feel good when using 42 Dubonnet and no hassle guarantee. We want the customer to enjoy the whole journey.

Lauren: That our products give you that alluring feeling whenever you are out for the night.  

Ann & Lauren have indeed created a unique makeup boutique brand, speakeasy-themed, for us modern day women.

Together the mother-daughter duo has built a successful vintage-inspired makeup line, has won 2 awards for 42 Dubonnet's product packaging designs, and admired by beauty influencers & MUAs. Also, they give 1% of net product sales to the Everglades Foundation and have created this mysterious speakeasy located on 42 Dubonnet (not a real address, it's part of the fun so make sure you sign up for the 42 Dubonnet newsletters.)

I look forward to your continued success and growing your cruelty-free makeup line. Leave a comment or question in the section below!

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P.S: Fun Fact. When I initially reached out to 42 Dubonnet, I wasn’t aware that Lauren, owner of Creme de Mint, was involved with 42 Dubonnet. See Creme de Mint is the branding & graphic design company I hired to develop the HUG-ITS brand logo. As a result, Lauren designed the HUG-ITS logo & the HUG-ITS product packaging. As she always does she added the simple yet effective detail to the logo, the U in the word HUG-ITS is a magnetic symbol, calling out its magnetic feature. It all came full circle when I reached out to learn more about 42 Dubonnet. After connecting with Ann & Lauren, I was thrilled to learn about their success with 42 Dubonnet. 

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March 06, 2019 — by Zarri

Lip Scrubs Yay or Nay?

Winter lips can be frustrating. Arh!, having chapped or flaky lips cause discomfort and an unpleasant look. But, is there a difference between chapped lips and flaky lips? Yes. According to Sara Happ, founder of the eponymous lip-care brand, "chapped lips should be scrubbed daily, but flaky lips need to heal, exfoliating isn't going to give flaky lips the love and rest they need."



Lips tend to get dry because the lips lack oil glands; therefore, the lips need to be nourished and moisturized with a topical moisturizer such as a lip balm to seal in moisture. 

If there is only one thing you remember from this article, Don't pick your chapped lips! Try to scrub off the dead skin gently and follow up with a hydrating lip balm applying 2xs per day. According to Dr. Kaplan MD, a "scrub can be like taking sandpaper to your dry lips." The golden rule is to apply a lip balm, ideally with SPF, throughout the day. Using a Lip Mask is an alternative treament to troubled lips. 

You see lip scrubs are naturally abrasive. The goal of a lip scrub is to exfoliate the good and bad cells on your lips. This process can make them raw, sensitive and as a result more chapped. It becomes a vicious cycle due to its aggressive nature if not appropriately treated. Make sure to select a good non-abrasive lip scrub to avoid trouble and apply a topical moistureize such as a lip balm treatment. 

Not all dry lips need scrubs.  A pure hydrating moisturizer can heal the lips. 

The good news it's an easy fix. If you are in this situtation we have HUG-ITS, a fun & accessorized lip balm holder for you to use with your lip balm. Our lipstick holders (can be used for lip balms too) are pretty, practical, and an easy way to carry your favorite lip balm without losing the balm. Plus, having it near you, increases your chances of re-application throughout the day. After all the goal is hydrate and moisturize to heal those lips.


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Looking for a fun, unexpected Halloween makeup idea? We got you covered.

Looking for fun, unexpected Halloween makeup ideas?

No tricks, just treats! Halloween is coming soon and if you are stuck, lack ideas, or just need Halloween inspiration we got you covered. As makeup lovers, we appreciate creative artistic makeup that’s unique and a look that most likely won't be duplicated on Halloween night. 

We hope you get inspired. The following Instagram artists inspired us with glam, spook, and sexy Halloween makeup ideas, as these Instagram artists created a work of art! Click on the artist's Instagram handle for more inspiring Halloween makeup looks for 2018.

 1. Fun & Colorful



 2. Sweet & Sexy



3. Spook & Blood


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Happy Halloween, 

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Makeup Holders- New way to organize makeup

Makeup Holders- New way to organize makeup

Hello Beauty Lovers, 

We are excited to launch our new YouTube Channel  

HUG-ITS By Zarri

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Organize Makeup for Small Spaces-

Organize Makeup for Small Spaces-

If you love being organized, have things looking tidy, and are tired of rummaging through your makeup bag to find what you need consider the new magnetic makeup holder, HUG-ITS.

They are beautiful, functional, and portable. Simply add the HUG-ITS to your makeup item. The magnetic board could be used inside a cabinet, on a wall, used to pack or inside a suitcase. If you are heading out for a night out and all you carry is a lipgloss or lipstick choose the mirror compact/HUG-ITS SET. So many fun ways to use HUG-ITS. 

October 11, 2018 — Jessica Zarri
Having fun playing with Makeup!

Having fun playing with Makeup!

Introducing Zarri's new Cosmetic Organizers for everyday women!  Click play

October 11, 2018 — Jessica Zarri
DIY Makeup Organizer.

DIY Makeup Organizer.

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