14- Piece HUG-ITS set Pink

$ 35.00

Brand Hug-Its
Customize the way you organize your makeup setup. Stop rummaging through your messy drawer trying to find your makeup items causing you to be late or frustrated because you can't find your makeup items. We've designed a new cosmetic display made just for you. 

Zarri has an amazingly simple solution to organizing your daily makeup items. 

Add your makeup items to your Makeup Stand using Zarri Makeup Magnets. It's easy, customize your setup based on your needs and have it set up your way.

It's easy to use:

  • #1 peel adhesive from makeup magnets
  • #2 stick to your makeup.

Makeup Stands by Zarri is made to allow you to customize your existing makeup setup any way you want. It's so simple & fun to use.


1 makeup stand

10 self-adhesive makeup magnets

1 large HUG-ITS

1 medium HUG-ITS

1 small HUG-ITS


Makeup Stand Dimensions: 

Height:  7 inches 

Length: 5.5 inches


HUG-ITS Dimensions:


Small: 4.5 mm wide, 12 mm height

Medium: 7 mm wide, 12 mm height

Large: 11 mm wide, 12 mm height