We make beautiful and practical DIY makeup organizers for women of all professions and lifestyle. HUG-ITS help you carry your daily makeup essentials for everyday use. Our company Zarri Inc. created a magnetic makeup organizer called HUG-ITS which magnetically keeps makeup items in place while hugging your makeup items with an accessorized and fun look. This is how we decided to name our product HUG-ITS. 

Tidy your makeup with magnetic organizers or DIY sets.

Customizable and DIY makeup organization is our style. We let you choose the best way of organizing and we offer different options to fit your lifestyle. Whether you are a busy mom traveling with chapstick or lipgloss in your diaper bag, a working professional woman on the go, traveling for leisure, or just a simple girl that loves makeup we offer different ways to use our magnetic makeup organizers.

Our company believes in keeping it simple, organized, practical, and beautiful for you, the busy & everyday women, to ensure you always have your daily makeup essentials with you at all times.

The idea of HUG-ITS was developed due to me, Jess, constantly dropping my makeup while applying it on the road. Applying makeup in your car is MESSY! See I work for the biggest beauty company and staying trendy and applying makeup is part of the culture and fun part of the job. I love makeup! One day I was driving to an important VIP meeting and I realized my makeup was not done and I looked like a mess. I parked the car to apply my makeup and all of my makeup brushes and cosmetics fell on the car floor. After that day I thought, "there should be a better way of keeping makeup together." Voila! and that's how the concept of HUG-ITS originated. It has taken me 2 years to fully develop the concept, prototype, and final products. I’m so proud to share this fun accessory with you all.

Below are the different organizing options we currently offer: 

HUG-ITS organizers:

  • Create your DIY makeup board.
  • Lipstick Holders
  • Travel on the go
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Every Woman Needs a HUG!

xo, Jess