What's a HUG-ITS?

  • A magnetizing solution to organizing all of your cylindrical shaped makeup items. Fits most lipsticks, mascara, liners, lip pencils, chapstick, lipgloss and much more! 
  • HUG-IT SET fits all purses, travel bags, work tote purses, evening purses, gym bags, luggage, and more

How to use a HUG-ITS?

  • Simply select a HUG-ITS size: Small, Medium, Large, place HUG-ITS on makeup item, and use adhere to our mirror compact or makeup boards. 
  • Great for dancing,  if you want to transfer your lipstick/makeup from your day purse to your evening purse, clutch purse, and more

How easy is it to use HUG-ITS?

  • SUPER easy! Simply grab your item, place HUG-ITS on your makeup item, place item with HUG-ITS to your organizer of choice: Zarri Makeup Board, Makeup Stand, or mirror compact (we offer all these options- Click shop now)
  • To Remove: hold the HUG-ITS, twist left or right and it's removed!

Will HUG-ITS fit on any surface?

  • No. HUG-ITS will only work with metal surfaces. 
  • Will not work with : Aluminum or plastic surfaces.
  • We've designed our organizers such as the Makeup Stand by Zarri, Magnetic Board, and mirror compact will the right metal to assure your items are secured.    

What Size HUG-ITS fits?

  •  Small HUG-ITS : fits most eyeliners, lipliners, eye show brushes, eyeliner brushes, lip brush

    1 Medium HUG-ITS: fits most lipgloss, chopsticks, medium size makeup brushes

    1 Large HUG-ITS: fits most average size lipsticks, large makeup brushes

What size HUG-ITS fits my lipgloss?

  • Medium fits most lip-glosses 

Which HUG-ITS would fit my lip liner?

  • We recommend the small HUG-ITS size

Will HUG-ITS or Zarri Makeup Magnets work will all makeup brands?

  • Yes! Yes! HUG-ITS was designed to solve this issue. It will work with most brands of makeup. If your item has a cylindrical shape you can use the HUG-ITS. 
  • If your items has an unique, odd, or square shape we recommend using the Zarri Makeup Magnets to organize your makeup. 

Ideas to place my Zarri Makeup Board or Makeup Stand by Zarri?

  • Bathroom counters
  • Walls (Zarri Makeup Board)
  • Closets
  • Makeup stations
  • Office
  • College Dorms

    How do I place my Zarri Makeup Board on a wall?

    • Use the adhesive that comes with your purchase. Included with your board purchase are 2 adhesive strips, simple place on the backside of the boards, and add to your selected area. 

    How to use Zarri Makeup Magnets?

    • Our magnets are Custom made magnets to support your makeup weight, Peel off adhesive then place on your selected makeup item, add item to desired makeup organizer: Zarri Makeup Board or Makeup Stand by Zarri. 
    • We highly recommend to remove any stickers or labels your makeup items may have. Sometimes the makeup manufactures stickers that come on the items such as a UPC sticker have weak retention and can come off with the strength of the magnet. Unfortunately we can't control the strength of your makeup stickers so we HIGHLY recommend to remove it before using our Zarri Makeup Magnets. 
    • Step #1 Peel sticker on backside of magnet
    • Step #2 Place magnet on makeup item
    • Step #3 Firmly press and hold magnet to item for 20 seconds 
    • Step #4 Place your makeup item on organizer (board or mirror compact)

    Can I re-use the Zarri Makeup Magnets?

    • You may reuse the magnets but will have to re-purchase the adhesive in order to reuse the same magnet. We offer an adhesive refill set for $5.50 for 20. 

    What makeup items work with Zarri Makeup Magnets?

    •  Any makeup item
    • powder compact
    • lipsticks
    • liners
    • eye shadows
    • makeup brushes
    • blush
    • eye shadow palettes
    • And much more!

    What's the setup time required?

    • Using our HUG-ITS system will take you minutes to setup. Depending on how many items you need to organize the steps are:
    1. Select HUG-ITS or Zarri Makeup Magnets : 
    2. Add HUG-ITS or Zarri Makeup Magnets TO your makeup items 
    3. Place makeup item to your organizer:  (Zarri Magnetic Board, Makeup Stand by Zarri or our metal mirror compact)

    Return Policy?

    • We offer return within 30 days of your purchase. 
    • Simply send us an email to Info@hug-its
    • We will respond within 1 business day